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Skin Care Products Store

Skin Care Products Store

Clinicians Complex Glycolic Enzyme Mask


Clinicians Complex Glycolic Enzyme Mask 50 ml


Enhance cellular turnover and exfoliation

Youthful, vibrant, smooth and healthy appearing skin

Contains Papain Enzyme and Glycolic Acid break down skin cells

Improves skin moisturize with Red Marine Algae

Improves the skin’s NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor)

Water soluble gel, easy to apply, easy to remove

Paraben Free Formula

This remarkable formula combines Papain Enzyme and Glycolic Acid. It is a water soluble gel mask that is easy to apply, easy to remove, improves skin moisture level, protects the natural barrier function of the epidermis, and beautifies your complexion. It also assists in enhancing cellular turnover and exfoliation of your skin. When used as directed, this formulation helps reduce fine lines, rejuvenate sun damaged skin and reveal a more beautiful, healthy complexion.

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